The company's history

Our history boasts more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of metal furniture.

Malow in the past
The beginnings of Malow in the 1980s were the cornerstone of the current shape of the company. Developing production, discovering the secrets of optimal management, creating lasting business relationships, and assembling a close-knit and reliable staff. The passage of time has changed everything around it, but the good values of the company have endured and allowed it to strengthen its structures and endure many difficult moments.
Malow today
Today, Malow ranks among the leaders of the metal furniture industry - not only domestically but also abroad. Despite the great commitment to the company's values and traditions, Malow remains a pioneer of innovation by following and implementing new technologies in the different areas of the company's activity - from the constantly evolving technological park to management innovations in line with methods straight out of 2022.

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