About us

We are one of the largest manufacturers of metal furniture in Europe.

We achieve our goals by providing customers with high quality products, and the diverse expectations of customers are met thanks to the innovation and openness of our employees.

Thanks to our wide range of products, we can react extremely flexibly to market needs, and special versions of furniture pose no problem for us. We offer furniture in various price categories to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Thanks to our comprehensive range of products, we can furnish offices, banks, cloakrooms, offices, archives of many workplaces, companies and public offices, schools and libraries, hospitals and doctor's offices, car repair shops, locksmith shops and others. We are therefore present with our products where there are people, documents, clothes, tools, in other words, EVERYWHERE.

Experience, management and development

More production halls, Research and Development Center, production automation and ecological waste management. It all adds up to quality.


Our mission

Our mission is to become a strategic partner for clients and the business environment:

Offering a comprehensive offer and service of the highest quality in the field of metal products

Creating opportunities for employees to develop

By delivering benefits to shareholders

We consider the trust of our customers as well as a stable and experienced staff to be our greatest capital. The successes achieved so far are the driving force behind the actions taken and encourage further improvement of the offer and satisfying the ever newer needs of customers.

Why choose us

650 employees are an experienced and stable crew

Over 30 years of activity, experience and continuous development

2 production plants Suwałki, Świnoujście

2000 models of furniture in a permanent offer

468,000 pieces of furniture produced annually

18,000 tons of sheet metal used annually

690 tons of powder paint used annually

Export to many countries around the world

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