SBM GDPR cabinets - multi-purpose furniture

SBM GDPR cabinets are multi-purpose furniture that will work equally well in the office and the workshop. Malow furniture is welded - this means that it is delivered as a whole and does not require assembly - assembly is carried out by welding robots - they connect the metal once and for all.

SBM M GDPR cabinets are available in many door variants:
•    With hinged doors
•    With shutter doors

And in a variant without doors
•    Open (without door)

Malow's offer also includes GDPR cabinets with:
•    With sliding doors
•    With folding doors

In the article, we will focus on the M version. This is the most modern and up-to-date version of the GDPR cabinet. Its history is still being written - we are constantly improving it to make it the most optimal and well-thought-out filing cabinet on the market.

The latest modernization is the addition of shelf height markers on the perforated strip - setting shelves for binders in the SBM M cabinet has never been faster and easier! Read more details in the article.


By choosing the SBM M LX filing cabinet, i.e. with swing doors, you save a lot of time on selecting optional equipment - everything is standard in the SBM M LX cabinet from Malow!
Each SBM M LX cabinet is standardly equipped with:

1. Possibility to install any SBM extension with Malow offers.

The extension is an obvious space saver. On the same surface, you get additional storage space in compliance with GDPR requirements.

The extensions are supplied with screws for connecting the extension to the cabinet.

SBM M extensions are available in every door variant - the cabinets can be mixed with all extensions. If you have little space in the room, a shutter cabinet will work great. Most often, space above 1990 mm is free - so an extension is the most reasonable choice.

SBM extensions are available in high and low variants.

2. Shelves adjustable every 25 mm

3. Shelf height markers in SBM M LX

4. Shelves with a load capacity of up to 65 kg

5. Lock with two keys

6. Leveling feet in the range of 25 mm


All Malow GDPR cabinets are 435 mm deep.

Among the SBM M LX cabinets you will find variants with hinged doors, shutter doors and without doors.

Within the variant, they are exactly the same, but the individual variants differ slightly from each other. Below you will find boards explaining the subject of GDPR cabinets by Malow.

You will definitely find it useful to use further markings.

SBM cabinets are available in three interior configurations. Available are:
•    Shelfs
•    Shelves with a clothing compartment
•    Shelves with a treasure box

The SBM M LX cabinet with swing doors is the most advanced among the SBM cabinets.

SBM M GDPR cabinet with shutter doors

The following blinds are available for SBM M blind cabinets:

RZ LX open shelves


When choosing Malow furniture, remember that 16 RAL colors are available at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! This means that each piece of furniture is available in 256 color options at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Color the body and doors to enjoy a wardrobe in a unique color.

Visit the distribution map on - you will find the authorized distributor closest to you there! Use the contact form to ask for a price or visit one of the online stores of Malow distributors.