Lockers with IP rating class. When to choose such solution?

The weather conditions change as the seasons’ change. Temperature changes and humid air ruthlessly weaken our immunity. And guess what? Metal cabinets and the items stored inside - to our great surprise - have a similar problem, too!


What is the IP rating? 

If you read our post about bicycle battery charging cabinets (, you are the master of the knowledge about protection degree of electric devices! Now is turn for the second step, and you will learn what means IP rating. Believe me – it is a piece of cake! The IP classification is nothing more than information about how hermetic is the given product. The first number indicates intrusion protection, and the second moisture protection.


When to choose such a solution?

Malow offers many products with IP rating. They have one thing in common - the need to protect sensitive mechanisms and components against external factors. Electrical switchboards, electronic car components, luxury watches, parcel lockers and electronic locks ( are the best examples.


Where are cabinets with IP rating used?

The cabinets with the IP rating class, protect the contents against the influence of external factors. The best examples are workshops and factories. The continuity of production and reliability of devices are most important thing. Each downtime is unnecessary cost.




SPNK industrial computer cabinets

Our industrial computer cabinets have the IP42 rating. These high-quality products protect stored devices against harsh industrial conditions. SPNK cabinets fit to the majority of computers. The universal VESA mount allows to mount monitors up to 22”. As a standard, the cabinets have a power cord and overvoltage protection. You can learn more about SPNK cabinets from the catalogue card.




SZLB cabinets for charging batteries for bicycles and electric scooters

The cabinets have the IP54 rating class. SZLB can be used both indoors and outdoors and each compartment has an IP56 rated key lock.

SZLB is our proposal for the still missing public places where you can recharge your personal transportation devices batteries (including bicycles and electric scooters). You can learn more about SZLB wardrobes on our blog post "Sightseeing is easier today". (



PCS cabinets for charging batteries for bicycles and electric scooters

Charging cabinets have an IP54 rated electrical installation. PCS are intended for dry and ventilated indoor spaces. They are perfect for workshops, services and garages. It will ensure safe storage and charging of batteries for serviced scooters. You can find out more about SZLB cabinets from our post "Charge up your e-bike easily (part 2)". (



Metal furniture with electrical equipment by Malow are rapidly developing and getting more and more interest on the market.

If you want to learn more about IP resistance class, contact our sales. They will explain where such solutions are needed and how they should be used. They will also advise you which products will meet your requirements and demands.

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